Nova Lee-Fortier is a Montreal-born, Laurentians-raised visual artist and graphic designer. Her love of traditional art as well as an interest in technology led her to pursue a degree in Multimedia Technologies, where she then transitioned to graphic and web design. Nova felt a strong desire to return to her origins and lately focuses on painting, decor and art direction. A passionate advocate for aesthetics in all mediums, she aspires to beautify the world, one creative idea at a time.

Nova is fascinated with color exploration and contrasts, and is influenced by both organic shapes, as well as structured geometry. A keen observer with an extreme eye for detail, she is known to take note of her surroundings and is able to find beauty in everyday things and situations. An ever-present love of nature often finds a way to be manifested through her art. Her graphic design background continues to guide her work as she enjoys experimenting with digital-type effects in a conventional medium. A deep appreciation of the nouveau-retro look and feel is visible in her style.